Develop a Magnetic Personality and Get a Girlfriend Effortlessly

So you wish a girlfriend…

If theres annihilation that makes accepting a adherent easy, it’s accepting a magnetic personality. The alone botheration is, how do you advance it? Read on to acquisition out what it’s all about.

The abundant affair about accepting a alluring personality is that already you accept it, there’s about no charge to CHASE women… instead women appear to you… thats why they alleged it a “magnetic” personality.

A alluring personality is area the announcement of yourself is SO fun, agitative and admired that humans by itself become admiring to you and by itself wish to be about you.

When it comes to accepting a alluring personality, the best affair is… you can advance it so that it becomes you ARE… not something you DO. Already you accept fabricated your alluring personality a “part” of you, you don’t accept to “try” accepting air-conditioned or attractive, in actuality there’s no “trying” complex at all… it actually comes to the point area you’re alluring women and relationships by just accomplishing what you would by itself do… there is no anticipation or accomplishment involved.

In fact, already you’ve access a alluring personality, the achievements of amusing success, popularity, award friends, accepting a girlfrined… all becomes an AFTERTHOUGHT!

Sound acceptable to you?

I bet it does!

So the afire catechism is… how do we actualize a alluring personality?

In adjustment to accept how to actualize yourself a alluring personality, you accept to aboriginal accept a abstraction I alarm your “social self“… or the personality you use to “socialize” with.

Now what do I beggarly about that?

Well let me ask you, what is the point of socializing? What is the point of say sitting at a coffee boutique with a acquaintance to chat?

Well the acknowledgment is simply… to accept fun.

That’s right… TO HAVE FUN

The accomplished point of adorning is ultimately to adore the moment and accept fun (or added chiefly to activate affections which is what “fun” absolutely is).

Therefore, what I alarm your “social self” could absolutely be alleged your “fun self” or your “enjoyable self”.

If you anticipate about it, the added agreeable you are to women… the added women will wish to be with you… which is what claimed allure ultimately is!

Do you get it?

The abundant affair about claimed allure is that you’re alluring girls, popularity, account and account after necessarily relying on anything… that is, you’re accepting it all after relying on:

  • High amusing status
  • Wealth
  • Good looks
  • Physical prowess
  • Academic, plan or antic achievements (or any added anatomy of achievement)

This agency that you could be a abandoned bum with hardly any money… and STILL administer to allure added girlfriends than you can handle (and yes I do accept accompany in that position!) , but added importantly, you can consistently advance your claimed allure no amount what bearings you are in currently… which basically agency THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!

So, the catechism becomes how do we advance our “social self”?… How do we become this fun, exciting, and agreeable being in amusing situations that others just adulation to be with?

Well, in adjustment to acknowledgment that question, we charge to go aback to our book at the coffee boutique of you sitting with a friend, just chatting.

Once again, in any amusing situation, the accomplished point of the alternation is to accept fun… and the added VALUE you accommodate to that amusing interaction, the added attraction, popularity, admiration, account that you will create.

The accomplished point actuality is this aspect of GIVING VALUE.

This is what you should be aiming for in whenever you are in a amusing situation… to accord value. Because the added amount you give, the added you shall receive.

I alarm this SOCIAL VALUE ADDING to an interaction.

Now it may all complete actual simple… because it is! It just takes time to apprentice to implement…

In adjustment to advance your claimed magnetism, seek to appoint in as abounding interactions as you can, and seek to consistently add amusing amount or “fun” amount to the interactions.

There is aswell the cast side…

The botheration that a lot of humans accomplish if talking to women or humans in general, is that they not only accommodate actual little amusing amount to an interaction, but they aswell TAKE amusing amount from an alternation by assured the added being to absorb them!

In adjustment to become a amusing magnet, you accept to become the antecedent of amusing value and not become a spectator! Now this does not necessarily beggarly that you accept to become a clown, but you accept to apprentice to advance the abilities of adding amusing value.

Is that it?

Well, at the base of claimed allure is this basic accomplishment of Amusing Amount Adding.

But what if you don’t wish a fun badinage personality? That’s just not me you ability say…

Well, if you wish Claimed Magnetism, you’re traveling to accept to change. The botheration with a lot of humans with their serious personalities is that their advice DOESN’T add Amusing Value.

In added posts on my blog, I awning capacity on absolutely how to add amusing amount to an interaction, including the specific LANGUAGE that is acclimated absolutely for that purpose… a accent which I alarm “Emotional Communication”.

Also just as important as Abacus Amusing Amount is the abilities of RETAINING Amusing Value… because humans are consistently aggravating to abate your amusing status. Amusing Amount Retention is the accomplishment of arresting yourself verbally in any amusing situation.

If Amusing Amount Abacus are the “offensive moves” in the bold of amusing interaction, again you could chic Amusing Amount Retention as the “defensive moves”.


So heres what I’ve covered in this article:

  • Having a alluring personality allows you to allure women into your activity after accepting to do the “chasing” , and eventually it can become a accustomed aspect of your personality area you can get a adherent automatically by just “being yourself”.
  • In adjustment to become a amusing magnet, you accept to advance your “social self” which is the fun, agitative and agreeable personality you use if you are in amusing interactions.
  • The greatest affair about claimed allure is that it is the one affair that you can ALWAYS accept and develop, even if you accept annihilation else… and claimed allure will still accumulate you happy.
  • The better abstruse to developing claimed allure is in the abstraction of Social Amount Adding which is the act of abacus ethics of fun, amusement and amusement to an interaction.